The Loss List

Loss drains us of our energy and robs us of our choices.

Grief is the reaction to loss and two of the definitions of grief from “The Grief Recovery Handbook” are:

  1. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss.
  2. Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.

The Loss List  

  1. Adoption
  2. Begin or end school
  3. Business readjustment
  4. Change in church activities
  5. Change in eating habits
  6. Change in financial state
  7. Change in frequency of arguments
  8. Change in health of family member
  9. Change in living conditions
  10. Change in number of family reunions
  11. Change in recreation
  12. Change in residence
  13. Change in responsibilities at work
  14. Change in schools
  15. Change in sleeping habits
  16. Change in social activities
  17. Change in working hours or conditions
  18. Change to different line of work
  19. Child leaving home
  20. Christmas
  21. Death by suicide or overdose
  22. Death by homicide
  23. Death due to child/parent abuse
  24. Death due to drunk driving accident
  25. Death of a close family member
  26. Death of a close friend or co-worker
  27. Death of a partner in an extra-marital affair
  28. Death of a pet
  29. Death of a sibling
  30. Death of a spouse
  31. Death from HIV/AIDS
  32. Dismissal from work
  33. Divorce
  34. Family separation due to foster care
  35. Foreclosure of mortgage or loan
  36. Gain a new family member
  37. Getting clean from the loss of an addiction
  38. Grief from an abortion
  39. Grieving a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia
  40. Grieving a loved one with substance disorder
  41. Grieving someone who is dealing with severe mental illness
  42. Grieving someone with a traumatic brain injury
  43. Grieving someone you can’t remember (ex. a parent who died when you were an infant)
  44. Grieving someone who died before you were born
  45. Grieving someone you didn’t know well
  46. Grieving someone you didn’t know at all (like a celebrity)
  47. Grieving someone you only knew online (cyber loss)
  48. Imprisonment
  49. KIA (Killed In Action), MIA (Missing In Action) and POW (Prisoner Of War)
  50. Loss of approval
  51. Loss of control of my body
  52. Loss of faith
  53. Loss of hopes and dreams for the future
  54. Loss of meaningful objects/belonging
  55. Loss of safety
  56. Loss of trust
  57. Major mortgage
  58. Marital reconciliation
  59. Marital separation
  60. Marriage
  61. Miscarriage
  62. Minor mortgage or loan
  63. Minor violation of law
  64. Moving/loss of community
  65. Outstanding personal achievement
  66. Personal injury or illness
  67. Pregnancy
  68. Retirement
  69. Revision of personal habits
  70. Sexual difficulties
  71. Spouse starts or stops work
  72. Stillbirth
  73. Trouble with boss
  74. Trouble with in-laws
  75. Vacation

If you have had a loss that is not listed on this page feel free to add it to the comments or write us and we will update this list.

Chris Donner,

Cee Neuner,