My first AHA! moment

My first AHA! moment that I had while reading “It’s Never Too Late” was that my career for decades has been as a professional sick person.  Julia Cameron was talking about how people feel lost when they retire.  They’ve always seen themselves as their profession, and when that’s gone they don’t know who they are any more.  That’s exactly how I feel.

For those who haven’t read my Lyme story, I almost died three times from Lyme Disease.  I have finally healed to the point where it isn’t a daily threat, and then I spent a couple of years learning to trust that I was better.  I haven’t worked in ten years because of Lyme, so I never had a career.  But I realized while reading Julia Cameron’s book that I was really a professional sick person.  My job every day was to work to stay alive, then to rest and regain my strength.  But I’m “retired” from that job now.  And I’m trying to figure out what’s next.  So this book has come at the perfect time for me.  I am hoping to find more of my creativity and find a new avenues to explore my desires.

By the way, you don’t have to be a retired person to benefit from this book since I am technically not a senior citizen yet.  You do have to be willing to see your life through a bigger picture.  If you can do that, I bet you will have your own amazing Aha! moment.

No doubt more will be revealed to me through working through the book and with our Bookclub.

Hugs, Cee