Cee’s Story

If you get to know me, you will find out right away that I love flowers and that I’m an avid photographer.  I love living out here in the Pacific Northwest because we are in the heart of the flower nurseries.  The Tulip Festival starts the year for me, followed quickly by the Lavender Festival, the Iris Festival, the blooming of the azaleas, rhododendrons and peonies.  But the best time of the year is the Dahlia Festival.

As a photographer, I’ve had my pictures published in international flower journals.  I’ve taught photographic composition and currently host a number of photo challenges through my blog, ceenphotography.

So what brings me from the inspiring and uplifting beauty of nature to grief and loss?

Life.  What is it they say?  Life happens!

Grief drains us of energy and robs us of choices.

I am an incest survivor, and know the grief and loss that comes from that.  I have spoken to groups around the country about the long term effects of incest.


Then there is Lyme disease, that nastiness that has almost claimed my life three times before I discovered how to beat it.  I battled that for over thirty years, and in the course of it we suffered enormous financial losses when our beautiful house on 35 acres with its mountain view was foreclosed upon.  We had to liquidate all of our belongings and file for bankruptcy after my medical bills exceeded $875,000.  I found out about losing control of your body when I could no longer sit up or walk on my own.  I found out about losing my personal privacy and dignity when I had to rely on someone else to care for my body.  I’ve become an expert on the losses associated with chronic illness.

I have a strong desire to reach out to others who are going through experiences like I have had, to tell them that there is hope.  They can change things around.  And I want to give them a framework through which can understand these events in their own life.

Grief drains us of energy and robs us of choices.

That was the biggest thing I discovered through my Grief Recovery Method training.  It was my “Aha!” moment.  And now I have the tools to help me stop the energy drain and get control of my choices.  Life is exciting, and I’m loving this new adventure we’re on.

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