Morning Pages are changing me

One of the things we’re doing for our “It’s Never Too Late” class is to do what are called Morning Pages.  You write three pages every morning of whatever is in your head.  The idea is to get rid of things that are bugging you or weighing you down so you can have a better day.

Chris is big on journaling and has been for many years.  She has piles of notebooks.  But I’m a photographer and words don’t appeal to me like that.  I think in pictures.  If I could fill three pages with pictures, that would be easy.  But I am trying the writing, and it’s turning out better than I thought.

I didn’t think writing/journalling would end up being so good and healthy for me.  I am finding when I’m writing my morning pages, I’m not nearly as harsh on myself during the day.  My negative self-talker stays quiet.  It’s like that negative Should Monster only stays in my head and can’t flow out through my hand as I write.  His voice never comes out, which tells me that what he’s saying isn’t real.

Or maybe my writing is sending the Should Monster away.  I don’t know, but it’s working.

I’ve been amazed at how upbeat my writing is, and I’m not trying to be.  It’s just happening that way.  I’m seeing my normal, real content self.

Now that is the biggest reason to do morning pages.  You don’t have to join the class to do them. Just grab a pen and some paper and get the mess out of your head every morning.  You’ll be glad you did.  It’s amazing.



23 Replies to “Morning Pages are changing me”

  1. I had been doing morning pages for awhile in the past, but after a while, it just seemed like a Dear Diary so I stopped….my negative Should Monster had it’s way with me. But, I’ll start again.

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  2. I’ve been writing between 1—3 pages in the morning for a couple of months and I have had a similar experience as yours. It clears my head and gives me a clear path for the morning’s activities.


    1. I journaled for years and years when I was younger. But I ended up in therapy to help heal up some child abuse issues and my writing turned more professionally therapeutic as opposed to just journaling, thinking, dreaming, writing. Writing does clear the mind and is great self-therapy. 😀


  3. I have found the writing to be a good way to start the day – I also try to include a positive thought, verse or quote for the day as my closing sentence. So even if the majority of what I wrote is not so positive – at least the end is more uplifting.


  4. I love morning pages. Now … at first not so much. I started them when I first read “Never to Late” but I really, really fought them. I’ve had to modify them a bit. My hands simply do not like three full pages first thing in the morning (arthritis) but I set a timer for 10 minutes and just dump my brain onto paper. Now I can’t imagine my mornings without them.


  5. I used to do Morning Pages quite regularly about twenty years ago, oh no, has it been that long? I don’t do them anymore, because I am on the computer, with WordPress. Hmmmmmm…… They are wonderful; and I have wonderful fountain pens to do them with…. and wonderful notebooks, empty, to write in, they are very different from a journal. That feeling of free flowing, writing whatever your mind comes across is so amazing. I need to get back to them. I have several of Julia Cameron’s books and I even heard her speak at a workshop. I also did some of her other exercises, always with a great result.


    1. The days I do Morning Pages my days always seem to be a little lighter and brighter. I just use a regular notebook with cheap paper, but the covers are tie-dyed which I adore. 😀 😀


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