15 Replies to “Some see a weed …”

  1. What I see is beauty and fun! I love “blow flowers”, as we called them when I was growing up. I was trying to photograph one at the Presbyterian field the other day and it did its name proud. It blew out of the frame just as the shutter clicked. haha

    Great job! Have a blessed weekend. 🙂


    1. I got so tickled when I saw this post. It brought back a memory that made me laugh…
      While my 3 yr old granddaughter was visiting, I took her out in the pasture to pick dandelion heads and we stuffed them into a large mason jar. When Clay came In from work, he saw it sitting on the table. “what on earth is that?” He asked. Being the turd that I am, answered ” It’s a jar full of wishes…..don’t make me use them on you.”
      About 2 years later, while cleaning out caninets, I found the jar pushed way in the back. I removed it, intending to throw it but had forgotten it on the counter. That afternoon when Clay came In, he yelled ” OH GOD! What did I do?” Lol

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