A Heart With Two Ears

Eight years ago I put an intention out into the Universe that I wanted to spend the rest of my life working with grieving people.   Some people thinks that sounds pretty cracked (or, as one person playfully suggested, like I’m on crack), but working with people in grief and seeing them begin to heal is so amazing, so magical.  It’s the most meaningful thing I’ve ever done in my life.

At the time I was working with grieving children between the ages of five and eighteen, watching them adapt to the changes forced on their lives, seeing them grow and start to smile again.  Years later I started working with the adults in their lives.  But even in the first months of helping to run grief support groups, I was hooked.  I knew what I wanted.

The years went by and I needed to keep my day job and pay the bills while we dealt with Cee’s health crises, but I never lost that intention.  And now it’s time to realize it.  Cee is healthy and ready to take this new journey with me.  This is my passion, and I look forward to the time when I can quit my day job and do this full time.  But for now, we’re starting our private practice, nurturing it, getting it ready to support us in our “retirement” years.

To help people who are grieving, all you need is a loving heart and the willingness to listen without judgement, without comment, without censure.  Just be a heart with two ears.  They want the feeling of loneliness to go away, to not feel so isolated.

One month ago, Cee and I were certified as Grief Recovery Method Specialists, and I started to live in my passion.  There is so much need in the world for someone to listen.  I am glad I can be that person.

Love and many hugs,



15 Replies to “A Heart With Two Ears”

    1. Thanks, Irene. I see by your blog that you are a great proponent of living your dreams. One of the themes I’m going to be writing about a lot is that when we look at the losses in our lives, and work to complete them, it frees us up to live our dreams and be happier. There is a lot more to come, and I hope you’ll continue to visit here. Meanwhile, enjoy all that sunshine!

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      1. Thank you very much Chris. Cee wrote about your new mutual blog and I decided to follow immediately 🙂
        There can be many reasons to, how we choose to live out our dreams. Some more positive than others. I’m looking forward to read more at your new blog.


    1. Thank you, Lois. Cee tells me that you are a super, super cool person. Your About page is incredible. It sounds like you and Cee are both miracles. So loving, too. So willing to give of yourself and just listen. I’m sorry that you can’t drive any more. I can only imagine how much you must miss that. Have you ever thought about volunteering with 7 Cups? https://www.7cups.com/. The world needs good listeners like you.

      Many blessings and lots of hugs.

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      1. Chris–thanks so much for this. I drive, but given the restrictions in my neck, I can’t do the distance to the prisons, and don’t like driving at night. You are absolutely right–I miss those guys tremendously. I had never heard of 7 Cups before so am going to take a look. You and Cee are the best. Much love.


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